Shipping Questions

Q: Can I Track My Order?
A: Yes. Click here and the email you used at checkout. If you have multiple orders, you can specify which order you are looking up by entering the Order ID. If you have an international order, go to for tracking information.

Q: Do You Ship To... And How Much Will It Cost?
A: We, ship to most countries throughout the world. The price is calculated based on your exact location and the weight of the package.

Your best bet is to assemble your order, go to check out and hit "calculate shipping." This will give you an exact price from us to you for the package that you assembled. There will still be time to edit your order if you wish after you see the shipping charge.

We use the United States Post Office to ship all orders and tracking will be available through them. This tracking, however, only follows the package within the United States. After it goes international it becomes the property of that country’s postal system and you will need to track it in whatever manner is usual for your country. For international deliveries as well, please note that any applicable import taxes or tariffs are the responsibility of the recipient and are not included in the original shipping cost.

Q: How Long Is It Going To Take?
A: At this time most orders are shipping out between 5-9 days from the date of the order.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email at the address you provided which will contain either tracking information or a U.S. Customs number. USPS domestic usually takes 3-5 business days. APC international can take 2-4 weeks.

Q: I Have A Tracking Number, But Where's My Stuff?
A: You should first check with to get your tracking info by entering in the tracking number you received from Sun Frog Shirts.

If no information is available yet, check it again after 12 hours.

Q: It Says My Address Is Not Found
A: We ship using the United States Post Office. If you have a PO box and do not get mail at your physical address, you should use the PO box. The verification can be tricky on specific abbreviations as well. "find zip code" found here can help you find your specific abbreviations and how USPS will verify your address.

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